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Greetings from Pastor Kelly

Greetings in Christ Jesus!

On the 10th of this month, there will be a great celebration at the Disciples Center at Tawakoni. The cause of the celebration is the second annual Gathering of the Regional Church, at the Disciples Connect & Equip event. This particular gathering supplants the “off year” event that is called for in our Regional bylaws, which along with our former Regional Assembly, we are trying to morph into a format more useful, informative, and fun! It is not that Regional Assemblies were not fun, it is just they were fun in a boring sort of way. Big hotel, big meeting room, big business meeting replete with Robert’s Rules of Order, big sit down dinner; you get the picture, a meeting attended out of a sense of obligation rather than a gathering you look forward to.

The new event, last year’s Congregational Escape and this year’s Disciples Connect and Equip, is designed from the bottom up to be fun and still informative and useful. The schedule is not linear, you can pick and choose from a selection of things to do. There are workshops, but they are germane to current church life. There is an outside speaker who brings particular expertise. This year, Joyce McEwen Crane, from Kansas Leadership Center, will lead two workshops. In the morning she will help us fill the gap between expectation and reality.  That afternoon, she will lead a discussion on identifying what different groups of people bring to the table.  I know Joyce is very engaging because she was my coach after I attended the Lead for Change sessions earlier in the year. There are several food choices and you eat on your schedule. There is swimming and challenge course opportunities. Most of all, there is time to renew relationships and kindle new ones; time to network with your fellow Disciples from across the state.

I’ve been involved in Regional Church work for a long time, well over 20 years, and I can tell you that some of the finest people you will ever meet are your sisters and brothers in Christ as part of the Christian Church (DoC) in the Region of Kansas. Go online at: https://kansasdisciples.org/disciples-connect-equip-2/ for more information.

So why should take the time to attend the DCE Event at Tawakoni on the 10th?

  1. Fun
  2. Food
  3. Innovative ideas
  4. Build new relationships and strengthen old ones
  5. You will experience the wonder of the Disciples Center at Tawakoni
  6. You will realize you are part of something good; something bigger than just our local church
  7. The registration fee is only $10.00 and guess what? I’ll pay it for you!
  8. Did I mention Fun?

It is easy to sign up, go online or call the office or talk to me. Don’t worry about the deadline, I guarantee they will let you in.  

Please prayerfully consider attending this event, you will enjoy it.

See you Sunday!

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Kelly